Allergies? Why Now?

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Maybe you’ve been lucky and managed to escape suffering from allergies for your entire life. You have it easy in the spring when the flowers bloom and everyone else is reaching for the tissues and antihistamines, and you don’t have to carefully read all food labels to check for allergens before you eat. While living like this is certainly a positive thing, don’t count on it being that way forever. Just because you’re not currently allergic to anything doesn’t mean it’s always going to be like that.   

What Causes Allergies?

Allergies occur when your immune system fights against a substance that is introduced into your body. The most common of these allergies include food, mold, pollen, or pet dander. When one of these things is viewed as a harmful substance, your body fights back against it, which is what causes an allergic reaction. There are many ways your body can react to this, ranging from a mild case of the sniffles to full-blown anaphylactic shock which can result in hospitalization or even death.

When Do Late Onset Allergies Start?

It’s common for people to develop allergies to certain foods or environmental hazards as children and outgrow them later in life, although this should always be determined by testing under a doctor’s supervision. But it’s also common that people can develop them later in life at any age, although the cause of that isn’t clear. There are correlations between developing allergies later in life and getting a new pet or moving to a new environment that has different trees, flowers, or grass. Allergies could also lie dormant for many years. Maybe you’ve had a mild reaction to certain foods in the past, but as you grow older and your body changes, these reactions become more serious or more notable. These changes in your body can also come at a time when you have a weakened immune system, like during a pregnancy or after having a viral infection.

What Can I Do About My Allergies?

Whether you’re new to the allergy world or you’ve been living with them for a long time, it’s important to learn to manage allergies. TrustCare offer options for both testing and treatment. We can run a panel from a simple blood draw that tests for 25 different food allergens and 36 environmental inhalants. Once we determine what is causing your reactions, we can work with you on moving forward. Depending on your individual needs, we offer allergy drops or other medications to help with many allergens, but most importantly, we can help with proper education to fully understand the new world you’re living in and how to treat your reactions.

If you’ve been a long-time allergy sufferer, or it’s coming on later in your life, you should stop by one of the convenient TrustCare Express locations. There’s no reason to continue to suffer—we want you to feel better faster starting now.

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