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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a modern healthcare model which makes managing your healthcare so much easier and more affordable. Instead of traditional care with co-pay, deductible and unexpected medical bills, DPC is built on a monthly subscription membership (much like a gym membership). You receive extended time with your doctor including unlimited clinic visits for primary care, urgent care, routine laboratory testing and a comprehensive menu of procedures. DPC includes virtual care so you can access your doctor by phone, text or video chat.

TrustCare now offers DPC as TrustCare Prime. Great Care. Faster Access. Lower Cost.

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Traditional Primary Care

  • 5 - 7 days for appointment

  • Co-pay, deductible and unexpected bills

  • 30+ minutes of waiting room

  • 5 minutes with your doctor

  • Costly prescriptions

  • Traditional office visits only


TrustCare Prime

  • Same day or next day appointment

  • Unlimited office visits - No co-pay or deductible

  • Little to no wait time

  • Extended time with your doctor

  • Low cost prescriptions

  • Virtual care included

TrustCare Prime Pricing

The monthly membership covers all services shown in the pricing chart. Fees may apply for medication/supplies but not for service. A child is age 18 and under.

TrustCare Prime Monthly
Individual $69
Individual plus spouse $130
Individual, spouse, plus one child $155
Each additional child $15
Biometric Screenings $69
Health Risk Assessments $69

TrustCare Prime Member Benefits

Primary Care Visits
Urgent/Sick Visits
Annual Wellness Exams
Blood Glucose
CBC (Complete Blood Count)
CMP (Complete Metabolic Profile)
Annual Flu Vaccine
Rapid Flu and Rapid Strep Testing
Ear Irrigation
Nebulizer Treatments
Basic Vision Screening
EKG with Interpretation
Wound Dressings
Foreign Body Removal
Skin Cancer Evaluation

*Fee may apply for medication/supplies but not for service

For more information call 601-83-PRIME or email [email protected].

TrustCare Prime is not intended to replace insurance. TrustCare Prime is a membership-based healthcare option for individuals, families, and employers and does not satisfy the health benefit requirements as established in the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA). Without adequate insurance coverage in addition to DPC, the patient may be subject to fines and penalties associated with the federal ACA.


Why Charge a Membership Fee?

As a TrustCare Prime member you can better budget your healthcare finances; without worrying about extra costs, co-pays and deductibles for routine care.

Why would I pay ‘extra’ fees for health care?

We do not think of our services as “extra”; rather an independent, alternative and better way to do your primary care. Most of our members save money when combining TrustCare Prime with a high-deductible health insurance or medical cost sharing plan. (vs. standard low-deductible /” copay” insurance plans)

Does TrustCare Prime accept members with existing medical problems?

Yes. Our memberships are not based on any existing medical issues or conditions.

What if I am healthy? And rarely go to the doctor?

That is great! HIGH FIVE! Our primary focus is to keep members well. We dedicate more time to prevention issues to keep you away from the expensive, cumbersome health care system. However, when you do need care, we are available 7 days a week to help you Feel Better Faster.

Are there any hidden fees?

We provide most care to members without any additional fees (besides the monthly membership). If we do charge for non-covered services, we always list prices upfront.

When do I pay my fees for medications, labs, etc.?

For any fees for non-covered services, we expect full payment at time of service for most services, including medications, labs, procedures, etc.

What are your regular clinic hours? Evenings? Weekends?

Our regular clinic hours are Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm (this is for appointment for TrustCare Prime patients). Evenings and Weekends are the same as our Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic Hours which are Monday – Friday 5– 8 pm (for TrustCare Prime members) and Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm and Sunday, 1 – 7 pm (except our Holiday Schedule).

Is TrustCare Prime a substitute for health insurance?

No, TrustCare Prime is a great way to receive high quality primary health care, but we do believe you insurance is needed for unexpected and expensive events.

Can TrustCare Prime bill my insurance plan?

No, TrustCare Prime does NOT contract with any private or public insurance plans for TrustCare Prime members.

Can I submit visit claims for my health insurance plan for reimbursement?

For the time being, insurance companies do NOT recognize our membership fees as a reimbursable expanse.

Can I use FSA or HAS accounts for TrustCare Prime?

Please contact an accounting professional to discuss this matter.

Let Us Help You Feel Better Faster™

Our goal is to provide quality care, get you in and out within 1 hour, and help you Feel Better Faster™.