Don’t Let Grass Allergies Get You Down

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Explaining allergies to someone who doesn’t suffer from them can be a challenge. It might be hard to understand how you can have a serious reaction to something like grass, which is found basically everywhere you look. It’s tough to avoid being around grass, but we can help you understand your allergy how to manage it.

How Do I Know I’m Allergic?

It’s usually pretty easy to know when you’re having a reaction to pollens in the air and in your general surroundings. The most common symptoms are watery eyes, a runny nose, and congestion. Those allergy sufferers with a more severe reaction might also experience hives on contact, and at worst, anaphylaxis, which is a serious physical reaction to an outside allergy.

Can I Get Tested For An Allergy?

If the above-mentioned symptoms sound like you every time you step foot outside, especially during the spring and summer, it’s time for an allergy test at TrustCare. We’re excited to offer a relatively pain-free option for allergy testing, in contrast with the older scratch skin testing. A simple blood test can determine if you’re allergic to 36 regional specific environmental allergens, as well as 25 food allergens. In addition to the testing that can be done in the comfort of one of our express medical clinics, we also offer allergy treatments and drops to help certain patients who qualify.

What Can I Do To Lessen My Reaction?

The simple answer of “just don’t go outside” doesn’t work. Avoiding grass and other environmental allergens is virtually impossible. We can, however, offer some advice on how to lessen the effect and exposure to these harmful pollens.

One of the easiest things you can control is your own home. While it might be tempting to open the windows for a little fresh air when the weather gets nice, it’s best to keep them closed and use a central air conditioning system. Make sure to change out the filters in your AC, as well as add small, portable air filters to some of the rooms in your house. Make sure your yard is maintained, and if possible, not by you. By keeping the grass cut short, you’ll be exposed to less pollen. If you are the only one in your home who can do yard maintenance, wear a mask and take an antihistamine before cutting. Pollen can easily transfer from the air to your clothes and hair, as well as those of children or family members, so make sure to change out of your clothes and wash them once you come inside the house. If you or your child has a severe allergy, wear pants if you’ll be outside or sitting in the grass.

Say Goodbye To Allergies For Good

If you’re tired of suffering every time you leave the house, stop by one of the TrustCare to discuss our allergy testing options. With our quick testing and convenient locations, we can help you feel better faster. If you let us know you’re coming ahead of time, we can have all of your information before you arrive and be able to see you quicker.

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